The histology service provider that understands your requirements


A technical service provider offering bespoke specimen management for every stage of the histological process

In conformance with all current standards and your particular requirements

Histochemical stainning

Enables the identification of cellular and extra-cellular components

 Routine stains: overview of cellular morphology

 Specific staining techniques: identification and location of structures and components of interest

Digital sections

This digital scanning technique enables the creation of virtual sections from existing histological sections which allows:

Viewing histological sections on the screen of a PC

Networked sharing of histological sections

Further computer-assisted analysis of morphology


Immunohistochemical methods enable:

The detection of certain specific protein types or cellular functions using antigen-antibody reactions

To refine and complete pathological diagnosis


Pre-clinical Toxicology

  • Histopathology for subchronic and chronic regulatory trials
  • Histopathology for trials of localized tolerability e.g. vaccines, topical medications
  • Dosage studies
  • Studies in conformance with best laboratory practice

Academic Research

  • Basic research/university hospitals/doctoral theses
  • Collaborative projects in public-private partnership


  • Histopathological analysis of a target organ or system
  • Pharmacological safety (target tissues)
  • Effectiveness and tolerability of biomaterials

Advisory service

  • Definition of project objectives: orientation and management for scientific projects
  • Updating, refining and optimization of study protocols based on the technical specifications
  • Technical advisory service

Dermatological and cosmetic products

  • Quantitative and semi-quantitative histology for all skin types
  • Corneal histopathology
  • Xenografting

Histopathological reporting

  • Performed by our distinguished consultants
  • Doctors
  • Veterinary surgeons


Novaxia is an independent laboratory offering custom service in histology. Combining technical excellence with audited quality, Novaxia is a trusted partner in  medical, pharmaceutical, dermatological, veterinary, and biotech projects and to teams pursuing fundamental research.

Our first priority is to place our experience with all of the techniques and skills we offer at your disposal. We want to understand your scientific question to ensure that we fully meet all of your expectations.

In addition to a full range of histological services, we offer an extensive immunohistochemical service and access to the new possibilities offered by the digital imaging of histological sections. All of our services are in full conformance with laboratory best practice standards, and accredited by the relevant French authority (L’Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament, ANSM).

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