We work in collaboration with medical or veterinary pathologists, local partners with strong experience and know-how, with whom we do not hesitate to take advice to propose the most relevant technical and scientific solution to our customers.
We involve one or the other of our expert pathologists depending on the problem at hand, their own specificity (e.g. expertise in regulatory dermatologyoncologytoxicology…) and the time required to deliver the desired expert report.


Digital Pathology and image analysis


We offer slide scanning to allow easy reading of virtual slides from your computer;
These virtual slides are realized via a scanner and viewing software. The slices are read on a computer screen using a system that acts as a microscope.

The digitization of the slides gives access to the same measurement possibilities as with a conventional slide (size, surface, length, …); it also allows the analysis of images and offers the possibility of sharing slides via the Internet.